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  • Interesting and strange news about Matisyahu, his next gig, (and I am assuming he does not perform during the sephira, altho maybe for Kiruv that doesn’t apply), but it seems his next gig is in Amsterdam, on Log B’Omer night. An interesting choice, what w/ that city being a weed center. If I read this correctly, 12 Euro per ticket is quite affordable, given his stateside prices.

    MATISYAHU Melkweg The Max, Amsterdam Wo, 17/05/06 21.00 uur. Prijs Rang 1 (Excl. Servicekosten) € 12. Beperking op tickets

  • Thanks Jobber – but that dude in the graphic? That’s Herzl in a send up on the popular che guevara t-shirts …

  • jobber: you’re going to the show in Amsterdam? Sure – tell us aall about it. But not on a post about HERZL 😉

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