On a dark desert highway (cool wind in my hair) smell of eucalyptus rising up through the air…Welcome to the Hotel Palestine.

According to TV Week (via TVSquad), HBO currently has a “wartime comedy” in production called “Hotel Palestine.” The post’s writer correctly points out that Don Knotts would have made an excellent landlord.

Now, before you people launch online petitions and write your congresspeople about how wrong a show like this is, read the article. Hotel Palestine is not about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. According to the article, the Palestine Hotel is the real-life Baghdad residence of dozens of journalists covering the war and has been attacked several times by insurgents. The show is being produced by Peter Baynham, a writer on the upcoming Ali G movie “Borat.”

Too soon? Or another “M.A.S.H.” or “Hogan’s Heroes”? Time will tell.

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