I really ought to leave this for Aussie Dave, but it looks to me like the lazy bastid is sleeping. So I guess it’s just up to me to pick up the slack.

Anyways, on to the story. The JTA reported today that Australian Jewess Irma Stahler celebrated her 107th birthday last week. Why did they only report it now? I guess maybe they didn’t want anyone crashing the party? Irma’s amazing longevity is even more remarkable given that she is a Holocaust survivor having served as an inmate at Theresienstadtas well as in concentration camps in Riga, Hamburg and Kiel. Irma has four grandchildren, six great-grandchildren and four great-great grandchildren who regularly visit her at the old age home she moved to only 3 months ago.

Her oldest grandchild, Yvonne Perl, 60, told the media that her longevity could be attributed to her ability to “block things out and get on with it.”

Wow. Mazal Tov Irma! You are soooo Jewlicious.
עד מאה ואשרם
(May you live to120)

Take that Hitler!!

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  • Katzav is trying to preserve unity. And that is very different than consensus. That means rejecting deviant movements, but co-existing with secularists and even Islamicists. This is obviously an anti-sephardic position you are taking, TM, and I resent that.

    Katzav has done a marvelous job, and enjoys respect even from the leaders of enemy states of Israel. If you trash this fine man, it just shows how you have no understanding of how Middle East politics work, and shouldn’t be sticking your big nose into them.

  • Shame on me for allowing me to be outscooped on a story of Aussie interest!

    What they didn’t tell you is the secret to her longetivity is vegemite and Victoria Bitter.

  • With respect to the stupid Katsav story which I can’t believe you all allowed to intrude on Irma’s birthday, there’s far more important stuff going on in Israel and the Jewish world today. Why would I want to go into shabat having the same tired old argument? So Katsav does not believe in Reform ordination. It’s his right! But who cares?? Irma is 107, and more important things are going on.

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