allah_and_manal.pngEven though Egypt just arrested up to 50 bloggers, they continue to be a thorn in side of the autocratic regimes. The SF Chronicle just published a facinating article about the voice of blogger decent in the Arab world.

A Heretic’s Blog wrote today:

Beyond the usual reaction of regime apologists and diehard Bush-baiters, who continue to dominate Arab and European media and continue to be busy finding excuses for the Syrian regime to work mischief in the region, one thing is clear: the Assads have just revealed to one and all that they are the main instrument that Iran will deploy to blackmail the world.

This man gets it. Lets hope that he is safe and sound and continue to undermine the regime with his words.

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  • Why would you want the Egyptian regime to be destabilized? Do you realize that the Muslim Brotherhood would take over????

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