Uri Grossman, 20 years of age, was killed today in Lebanon. He was a tank commander and his tank was hit by an anti-tank weapon, one of the key weapons used by Hizbullah. There is a tragedy I won’t get into here in that Israel has developed an anti-anti-tank weapon system but reportedly for budgetary reasons it is not in use in the IDF. Maybe they should rethink how many F-16s they need.

Uri, one of 115 soldiers killed in Lebanon in this war, was the son of famous Israeli author, David Grossman, who has written numerous books and articles over the years which have met with great critical success both in Israel and numerous other countries. David Grossman is famous also for his left-wing views and his vocal support of dovish views on the conflict in the Middle East, particularly with the Palestinians.

When the war in Lebanon began a number of weeks ago, Grossman supported Israel’s attack and claimed it was justified. However, only several days ago, he came out publicly, together with other prominent Israeli authors, Amos Oz and A.B. Yehoshua, to say to the Israeli government that it should not widen its attack inside Lebanon.

“The argument that an Israeli presence on the Litani (River) would prevent the firing of missiles on Israel is an illusion. Even the argument that we mustn’t give Hizbullah a sense of security has been irrelevant for a long time. Hizbullah wishes to see us sink deeper into the Lebanese swamp,” Grossman said.

“Now we must look three steps ahead and not to the regular direction, not to the familiar, instinctive reaction of the Israeli way of fighting – that is, what doesn’t work with force will work with much more force,” Grossman said. “Force, in this case, will fan the flames of hatred to Israel in the region and the entire world, and may even, heaven forbid, create the situation that will bring upon us the next war and push the Middle east to an all-out, regional war.”

“Had they proposed to us (Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad) Siniora’s agreement a month ago, wouldn’t we have received it gladly and with cries of joy? We won’t receive a better offer than this, even after we pulverize the rest of Lebanon and ourselves.”

“I think that the temptation to adopt the way of force is a default option. I think a little modesty in the Middle East wouldn’t hurt us and I hope that the fact we’re being exposed to the limits of our power these days would lead us to act modestly,” Grossman added. “There’s no chance for dialogue with Hizbullah, but there’s certainly a chance with the Lebanese government and with Syria.”

“Maybe it’s worthwhile for us, for a change, not to break their arm during negotiations, but rather, engage in genuine dialogue,” Grossman said. “This is a weapon we haven’t used yet, and when an enemy turns to an enemy out of respect for the other’s anxieties, it could have an immense impact.”

My deepest condolences to this fine and good man who had the courage to stand up and speak his mind about the war. I cannot imagine a greater tragedy than that which has befallen him and his family and it especially breaks the heart to know that this is a man who has spent his life fighting for peace and reconciliation.

However, that is not all this post is about. This post is also about some sick people who have come to believe that their cause is so just that they can attack a man on the day his son dies defending Israel from its enemies. Reading the comments sections in the various articles about the death of Uri Grossman, one is touched by the many heartfelt condolences and expressions of sympathy and pain. One cannot avoid also reading the angry comments of some who believe this is a good time to speak to Mr. Grossman angrily about his political views.

The gist of the comments is as follows: you, Grossman, and your lefty friends have caused the death of your own son and are reaping what you have sown with your peacenik views. By being dovish, you have brough disaster upon Israel, including Oslo, suicide bombings the disengagement, Qassems, and of course, this war with Hizbullah. Take your lumps, including the death of your son and recognize it’s all your fault.

Of course, the key in there is the disengagement. Many of the comments reflect anger that people like Grossman support and supported it and view the disengagement as part and parcel of the weakening of Israel and even (incredibly, since it makes no sense) this current war with Hizbullah.

Of course, these people are wrong. However, it is not that they are wrong so much as it is their puerile, putrid, cancer-like, bilious hatred that is so offensive. A man’s son dies defending Israel on the day a cease fire his father sought and encouraged comes into play, and instead of feeling the pain of this man and the pain of a father who has given the ultimate sacrifice for Israel and for their right to live openly as Jews in a Jewish state, they attack him. What a disgusting thing to do. What a shameful act. These people are lower than cockroaches.

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