Biddies in Black

One thing I really love about Israel is how, one day after Israel suffered its most grievous losses in the current war (8 civilians, 4 soldiers killed) these biddies Women in Black are free to demonstrate against the war and against the “occupation” just steps away from the Prime Minister’s residence and on one of Jerusalem’s busiest intersections. That the soldiers died in order to protect a country that allows them the freedom to protest against whatever it is they like is irrelevant. That their ideas are anathema to me and that their provocation is very insensitive is also irrelevant. What’s important to me is that by their very presence, they counteract the very core of much of their arguments. Plus it’s also nice to see old, slightly demented people get out and get some fresh air once in a while rather than sitting around their crappy little apartments or dilapidated assisted living quarters bemoaning how their children don’t visit or call.

What a wonderful country indeed. The Women in Black meet every Friday afternoon at Kikar Tsarfati in front of the Kings Hotel on King George. Just listen for the cursing motorists or look for the tell tale trail of soiled Attends undergarments.

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