Ariela and the Chabadniks

It’s Chanukah in Babylon and the Chabadniks are out in full force, asking everyone if they’re Jewish and then giving out doughnuts, latkes and menorahs to anyone who asks. I met these guys in Union Square in New York and I liked them. They were smiley and friendly and earnest and they gave me a latke. And Ariela? Well… she gave them a piece of her mind, something about accosting people on the street like Hare Krishnas or Mormons. Of course the Chabad guys never ask for money or anything, all they do is give and I think even Ariela could not withstand the force of this one dude’s smile. This photo shows Ariela being fake-indignant. The other photo in my camera shows her smiling but Ariela says she doesn’t look good happy. But that’s a whole other story. Happy 6th night of Chanukah people…

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  • It is true. Though I resisted, these yidden were just 2cute4school. Try as you might, you just can’t deny The Chabad!

    (Shout out to Rabbi Hershey Novack at WashU!)

  • How many boxes of nibbling- things did you score by this indignant look.

  • Chabadnikim really do a good job.

    At my college campus last wek the Cjabad rabbi had the ‘modern day Greeks’ (people from AEPI) light the giant menorah celebrating the victory over the ancient Greeks.

    I can’t help but appreciate this sort of thing

  • Itaruta: I always was put off by the idea of Jews joining a ‘Hellenistic’ organization… but I concede that AEPi is a good Jewish organization.

  • I was in Williamsburg Sun and they were out in full force. When they approach I can never lie to them. I always tell them I am Jewish (cause they ask every friggin person on the street). And then assuage their fears by letting them know I put my Tfellin on and more currently have a Chanukiah and have lit it. I went out to eat at a Treif restaraunt there and was amazed to see them go inside! THey actually were asking people in the restaurant!! But you gotta love CHabad, genuine fellas

  • I notice Ariela’s gaze (is it dreamy?) seems directed towards the little blonde guy with the blue pinstripes and no glasses and no, absolutely no facial hair. The way his scarf was slung perfectly haphazard. Looks like she had the young man blushing.

    Oyster, Bob Dylan was a Greek – for all of a semester.

    Same frat that tried rushing me but I knew those guys all really hated me since Camp Tikvah. They tried to woo me with promises of booze and free sex from the SAE gals. But like Dylan I didn’t need a frat to find Jewish coeds and booze.

    ck, the Chabad Lubavitchers up in the tundra are not out and about like in those in NYC. They prefer outreach through publications and the internet. They through providing seminars and teaching tools for Conservative and Reform shuls for kids to learn about traditional Jewish living. They’re not into buttonholing or converting/pulling Conservative and Reforms away from their movements. They don’t walk up to you univited and give you latkes and discuss religion. That’s just not polite. Politeness is the common thread that runs through midwesterners of all faiths.

    In other words, I sure wouldn’t mind a Chabadnik walking up and offer me a latke and discussion every once in awhile. Like in NYC. But only during Sukkot, when the weather’s nice.

  • Happy Chanukah to both of you, and all of you!
    Thanks for all the support guys.
    Keep the Chanukah message alive: Bring some more light into the world!
    All the best,

  • Give these guys a break, ramon marcos, they’re the only jews always having a good time.

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