Nominations for the Jewish and Israel Blog Awards (JIBs) are open until Thursday, with wacky new categories, some nominees listed with a warning (“some mature content”; “adult-oriented blog”; and in one case “MATURE content”) and a rolling nomination process. Plus a congratulatory blogfamily shout-out to Best New Blog nominee and Jewlicious blogson OyBay!

As usual, some of the categories and nominees in each category raise a few eyebrows, as does the denotation of several blogs as being not for kids. As “MATURE content” himself notes:

The most amusing thing about this situation is that Pillage Idiot is listed at the JIB award site with the warning “MATURE Content” next to it. If you’ve ever seen my Pillage Idiot Advisory System, you’ll know that my content isn’t mature — it’s immature.

Isn’t that always the case…

Got a question about their methodology? Contact members of the committee, who for some reason are still eligible for nomination.

So go on over, see if your favorites are there, and if not, you know what to do. Also, while you’re there, check out some interesting blogs you’ve never heard of before, because the JIBs have always aimed to be more than a self-congratulatory effort.

Additional question for discussion: Michael’s theory.

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