I say Florida by 7 but I won’t be watching because of the Seder.

I believe Myles Brand who is the President of the NCAA may not be watching either. It turns out that he is Jewish. Somebody send him a calendar with Jewish holidays.

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  • Unfortunately for us sports fans, this happens every few years. However, in the NCAA’s defense, they don’t “schedule” it; it falls the same day every year…like Thanksgiving or Election Day for example. Fortunately for us sports fans living in Israel, the game will take place after even the lengthiest of Seders (provided we can stay up after 4 cups of wine.) Chag sameach everyone!

  • My father, who grew up in Montreal, told me about how they used to coordinate the seder with playoff hockey games. I think I also read about the phenomenon in The Big Book of Jewish Humor, under the name “A Montrealer Seder”

  • Yep, Benji. It falls on the first Monday in April every year. You can thank CBS, I guess, as they originally set the TV schedule years ago, I believe.

  • Well, there may be some consolation in the fact that the tournament’s been a snooze.

  • well, it’s a no-lose the way I see it. this way you get an inordinately brief seder, and something fun to do together right after.

    oh, by the way … GO GATORS!!!!!

  • Myles Brand was the President at Oregon when I was a student. He’s a decent guy,and I guess he might be amenable to scheduling it a different night next year!

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