Bring your computers and cell phones with their Israeli components, your medications for multiple sclerosis, cancer, schizophrenia and numerous other diseases, your state of the art medical equipment such as radiation free breast
cancer diagnostics and ingestible video pill cameras, your environmentally friendly drip irrigation systems and other such Israeli offenses to Clifford’s tower in York. All of these Israeli products will be burned in the tower at noon.

Clifford’s Tower is the site of England’s greatest moment in her never ending struggle against Jewish hegemony and aggression. Without the fiery victory over the Jews of York in 1190, this fair island might have served as a base for colonialism and imperialism stretching from here to India and beyond.

The event will conclude with a live reenactment of the 12th century immolation. All pro-Israel British Jews are asked to report to the tower at 3:00 PM. Petrol and matches will be provided by the British Union of Colleges and Universities.

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  • Pure genius. I love it! That’s what I say when I wish i’d have thought of something first.

  • Pure Genius? Pure boycott hysteria, more like…Invoking yellow stars and photographs of Nazi wartime murder roundups? Puhlease….

    And, by the way, it’s the Universities and Colleges Union.

    I’ve spent the last two years –as a member of said union and its predecessor AUT, fighting the boycott attempts by a totally unrepresentative trotskyist group and their allies to pass ultimately meaningless boycott motions like the one the union has now set in motion (not actually yet passed).

    We need the sort of gross propaganda overkill in this poster like a whole in the head. We all go bananas when critics of Israel make Nazi analogies. So why invoke them in relation to this particular bit of Trotskyist groupuscule gesture politics?

  • It might be a bit over the top – but it is Pythonesque and clever – both witty and dark in a way that a British audience could appreciate, but leaving an American audience slightly flummoxed. Which explains Judy’s and TM’s reactions.

  • I ain’t flummoxed and came to the US from a Commonwealth country, while Judy appears to be British.

    The issue isn’t humor, it’s that everybody needs to tone it down.

  • Come on. You’re a little flummoxed. It’s ok to admit…


    Besides, the Jewish community’s response to the proposed boycott, which will in all likelihood fail, is also mixed according to this article, so why should we here be any different?

  • Having lived with this issue and reactions of all kinds towards it for many years– no, I’m not in the least flummoxed. I’ve actually lived in the UK for over sixty years, worked in UK academia for over thirty, during which time I’ve come to know both the current union and its two predecessors, plus the associated tiny Trotskyist groupuscules responsible for the boycott agitation pretty well.

    So who’s really flummoxed here?

    It’s both overkill beyond humour and very very silly politics.

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