Lisa 007…revealed by Hizballah!
By now the narrative ought to be quite familiar – Israel, a beleaguered little state surrounded by hostile countries and organizations whose sole aim is to destroy it, develops one of the most formidable intelligence agencies in the world. Feared and respected by all, the Mossad, possessed of relatively meager resources, continues to employ the very best techniques in intelligence gathering in order to protect the continued existence and vitality of the Jewish homeland. To that end, those with an interest in state of the art spycraft, study the Mossad’s spying techniques whenever they come to light, in order to marvel at the resourcefulness and gumption of this amazing organization. These opportunities to gain an inside look at one of the world’s most secretive bodies don’t come around often, but this week, thanks to Lebanese terror/political group Hezballah, we’ve been provided with such an insight.

See, there’s this blogger we ought to be familiar with – her name is Lisa Goldman and she writes a blog called On The Face. Lisa is a Canadian who made aliyah to Israel a number of years ago and currently resides in Tel Aviv where she works as a journalist. Lisa has distinguished herself through the high caliber of work and through her tireless efforts to encourage Arab/Israeli dialog, as exemplified by her receipt of the Brass Crescent Award. Recently Lisa traveled to Beirut from where she posted a report for Israel’s channel 10 news. Her report took a sensitive and nuanced approach in its investigation of the state of affairs in Beirut and in Lebanon, a year after Israel’s war with Hizballah.

Yeah right.

Thanks to Hizballah, we now know the truth. Employing state of the art Google search technologies, it was determined that Lisa was in fact an Israeli spy! All this namby pamby do gooder stuff Lisa’s been pushing the last couple of years? That was just a bogus front for her real job with the Mossad. As for the vaunted intelligence agency, apparently their very latest techniques include making their spies pose as high-profile bloggers and journalists who then go on intelligence gathering missions and report back to home base using publicly visible television broadcasts. Surely the people of Lebanon will rest easy tonight knowing that the crack operatives of the Shiite terror organization are ever vigilant and always on the lookout for security threats posed by dangerous Canadians. The only reason Lisa even got into Lebanon was because airport security in Beirut is in the hands of Siniora government appointed doofuses who are too dumb to use Internet search engines, letting Israeli spies in willy nilly. For shame!

Read more about this fascinating story on Pajamas Media and on Lisa’s blog here and here and here.

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  • She used her Canadian passport to get in, d’uh.

    Anyway, it’s too bad we never psycho-analyse the Arabs because they always plainly reveal their attitudes:

    – When they fire on Israeli ambulances, it is because they assume that Israel uses ambulances exactly like they do – to transfer ‘militants’ and weapons.

    – When they blame this ‘Canadian-Israeli’ reporter for being a spy, it is because they know that the [foreign] Arab reporters in Israel only use the broadcasting to cover their real job of amassing intelligence info on the ground.

    And in any case, the world is not short of examples of journalists who moonlighted with other ’employers’.

  • Thank you Hizbullah for giving the world such a priceless clue. LOL
    PS no wonder they are constantly losing wars

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