Israel has no right to exist
We do not recognize Israel
The Zionists occupy our land
The Zionists vacate some of our land
When the Zionists vacate some of our land of their own volition and on their own timetable, it is our victory
Even though the Zionists vacate our land as per our demands and as our victory, we are going to fire at them
We sometimes attack Israeli soldiers, but we mostly attack Israeli civilians from the vacated land
The attacks, in the form of rockets, are fired daily from the vacated land which is now ours
We make those rockets as deadly as possible with screws and other sharp metals
When those rockets are launched by us, it is our right
When the Israelis retaliate, they are criminals who are violating our rights and our land
When we lose people who fight the Zionists, they go to heaven as martyrs
Being a martyr is a good thing, very desirable
Oops, Israel has killed about twenty of us in the last few days including the son of a leader
These deaths are a massacre
This massacre deserves a response
Let’s shoot more rockets at Israeli civilians
Let’s bitch to the media
Let’s warn Israel that we will “disappear” the one Israeli hostage we’ve been holding for more than a year, Shalit
By the way, let’s demand they free Palestinian prisoners, especially the murderous ones
Oh, and let’s keep smuggling tons of arms and explosives. Egyptians are very helpful
Gaza is a shithole
Let’s not improve our economy or governance
Gaza really is a shithole
Let’s try to get that good piece of land over there to the east; they’ve got nice buildings and roads
Gaza is a shithole
At least the rockets are getting out of the shithole and to that nice part to the east.
Gaza is a shithole
Let’s keep digging those tunnels, guys, for weapons of course. Who needs sewage?
Can’t wait for that big party when we “disappear” the Israeli hostage, Shalit. For sure the Israelis will come then and when they kill us off, we can bitch to the media, send over more rockets as retaliation to their retaliation, threaten Israel with a future destruction, and keep collecting arms and explosives. Praise God.
This is da bomb! Fun, fun fun! Where else in the world can you make a living doing this?

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  • Fatah is Hamas in sheeps clothing, the hidden enemy is far more dangerous…… yes Hamas are pretty open about their policies, in fact that account is pretty mild.

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