Why didn’t Israel choose the barn owl as its National Bird and other hilarious insights by The Colbert Report:

Hat tip to Beach Hillel blogger, Rachel Bookstein, who wrote:

MOT fans of the Colbert Report got a huge boost yesterday when Stephen Colbert reported on Israel’s newly designated National Bird the long-billed hoopoe, celebrated the kosher certification of giraffe meat by dancing a combo-Irish jig/ Horah and spilling the Mani.

In his own words, or those of his very funny (Jewish?) writers, L’Giraffem to you Stephen!

Let it be known that we have always known that giraffe was kosher Stephen, we just don’t know where to cut its throat. LOL.

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  • Reminds me of the following joke:

    A rabbit’s on holiday in Africa. As it’s hopping through the steppe, it sees a curious, tall, spotted animal.
    Rabbit: Hey, you! What kind of animal are you?
    Giraffe, lowering its head to talk to the rabbit: Why now? What would I be? A giraffe of course!
    Rabbit: Giraffe, shmiraffe, does your neck never hurt from grazing?
    Giraffe: Godforbid it would hurt! When I’m hungry, I pluck the yummiest leaves from the most wonderful trees, and I just love how the delicious food slowly slides down my throat!
    Rabbit: But when you drink, don’t you need to bow down to get to the waterhole? What a pain in the neck it must be!
    Giraffe: There’s nothing more heavenly than to drink from the waterhole on hot days, and, when I raise my head again, the sheerly delightful nectar slowly drizzles down my throat. Believe me, there’s nothing better than being a giraffe!
    Rabbit: Nu, ever puked?

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