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  • Old Jews can say the most banal stuff and they still crack me up. I don’t know why…

  • Bloomberg endorses Obama ???

    Obama spent over 20 years, deeply involved in Chicago’s Trintity church, which gave anti-semitic Louis Farakan a life time achievement award. During that time Obama never stood up against Farakan’s anti-semitism, and he only quit the church when it threatened his political ambitions. In addition, if you read the blogs, it’s obvious that many of Obama’s most devoted supporters are extremely anti-Israel. Actions always speak louder than words, or endorsements … especially if the actions (or inactions) span a period of over 20 years. Even with all the efforts to package and sell Obama to the American people, the facts speak for themselves. Obama does not have the character, integrity and judgement to be President of the United States of America.