Madonna aka Kabbalah Esther is in the process of getting divorced from her husband, director Guy Ritchie. Madonna has been linked to New York Yankees star Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez whose wife Cynthia filed for divorce in July this year, citing Madonna as one of his many infidelities. All the publicity must have gotten to Ritchie who lashed out against his soon to be ex-Wife. Madonna has a strict exercise regime that sees her working out 4 hours a day. That and their busy schedules meant that the couple would go up to 18 months without having sex. The London Daily Mail reported that:

When they did find time to make love, it was like ‘cuddling up to a piece of gristle’, Ritchie is said to have told friends… ‘All the soft feminine tones have been replaced by the build of an athlete.’

The Kabbalah Center Rabbis didn’t help things much either. Ritchie reportedly walked out of a marriage counseling meeting with rabbis after they suggested he should always be subordinate to his wife’s wishes. Apparently the Kabbalah Center has introduced some new innovations to Judaism that I’ve never heard about before. For instance the Kabbalah Center rabbis have given their seal of approval to Madonna’s special “friendship” with A-Rod once it was apparent that he was willing to fully embrace their brand of Kabbalah worship.

Uh… wtf? This has nothing to do with Judaism, which is the point of this post I guess. Maybe next time Ritchie should try his luck with a Christian Nympho instead of a faux Kabbalah fish.

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