This isn’t jewlicious and it’s not meant as a political statement but it is pretty funny. A Canadian comedic duo managed to get through to Sarah Palin, convincing her staff (and her) that the speaker was French prez Nicholas Sarkozy. Note to the Canadianly-uniformed: the name they mention is not even close to the name of the Canadian Prime Minister (Stephen Harper) and there is no Prime Minister of Quebec, though there is a Premier. From SCTV to Kids in the Hall to Trailer Park Boys to this, Kanadian Komedy is still where it’s at.

Ed Note: In response to Larry’s ludicrous assertion that the US should invade Quebec, here’s a little history lesson for you silly Americans c/o the Arrogant Worms and their song about the War of 1812. A war that all y’all lost. To Canada. Enjoy.
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