So you know how there was the whole deal about the mass-production of keffiyeh-like scarves by Urban Outfitters but then they stopped making them?  There are unfortunately still thousands of White People out there wearing keffiyehs, clueless to the fact that they have become a homing beacon for Hizbullah Recruiting, USA Division.  Or maybe just wearing it out of irony. White people love irony.

How ironic would it be if there was a shirt printed with the scarf on it?

How ironic would it be if white people stopped wearing the scarf, and just actually wore the shirt with the scarf print?

How ironic would it be if those white people were Jews?

How ironic would it be if those white people were Jews that looked like Russian goyim and also had goy  names but were crazy Jewish?

The fifth dimension of White People Irony

How ironic would it be if the person wearing the shirt were also a Zionist and grinned like an idiot in irony pictures?

This is what a Zionist wearing an ironic keffiyeh shirt looks like

I cannot believe this shirt exists.  I’d better buy the rest of the ones in the store just to make sure nobody falls victim to tacky irony.  It’s a heinous crime. Even for a Russian Jew that keeps hoping she is related to oligarchs.

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