Haaretz reports that Eminem stormed out of the MTV movie awards after Baron Cohen, in his gay Austrian reporter Bruno character, floated above the audience and eventually landed right on Eminem, tuches first.

“Aarh! My kugelsack! My shvantz is losing!”
“Eminem, nice to meet you!”


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  • From twitter:

    @roofer_on_fire: @jewlicious That’s a very diplomatic (Haaretz-like) way of putting it . I was more like thinking “tea bagged”

    How true. And Eminem? What.A.Pussy. Right?

  • OMG – for those who ever doubted whether SBC would stop at anything to get a laugh… the answer is NO! What a hoot!

  • Please do not compare Eminem to a pussy; that is an insult to us with them. He is basically a little turd who has essentially co-opted a culture and a market, taken the WORST elements of both, and successfully marketed himself as “authentic” (see:8-Mile). Granted, his persona, Slim Shady, is the real culprit; Marshall Mathers himself hit on a good idea by creating him, BUT Slim’s brand of humor is based on the degradation of others, whereas SBC’s humor harkens back to everything from Lucille Ball (yep, Jonathan) to Andy Kaufman…HELL YEAH

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