Despite the advance polls, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad managed to score a massive victory against Mir Hossein Moussavi, garnering 62.63% of the votes to Moussavi’s 33.75%. CNN reports:

Moussavi and supporters in the Tehran streets are crying foul as street clashes have erupted in the aftermath of the polls. Reaction emerged across the world, as countries such as the United States and Canada voiced concern over claims of voter irregularities… The ongoing street protests have been viewed as remarkable in a country where anti-government sentiment is not looked upon kindly by those in power. In the aftermath of the vote, street protesters and riot police engaged in running battles, with stones thrown, garbage cans set on fire and people shouting “death to the dictatorship.”

Daily Kos reports, based on news coming out of various independant Iranian Web sites, that Moussavi has been placed under house arrest, that telephone contact between Tehran and the rest of Iran has been completely cut off and former President Rafsanjani has resigned all duties in protest of Supreme Leader Khamenei’s endorsement of Ahmadinejad as winner of yesterday’s election.

Wow. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Flickr Gallery of joyful Iranians celebrating the victory of Democracy and the reelection of President Ahmadinejad! Not wanting the happy people of Iran to be distracted, the government in it’s wisdom and benevolence has cut off the country’s Internet access. Access will be restored once all enemies are jailed or killed err… joyful, ecstatic celebrations have subsided.

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  • I think the real story here is that Ck not only reads, but also links to Daily Kos. Retch.

  • Iran is still a dictatorship. The protests will not succeed unless the international community does something more than just vague comments of concern.

  • The international community will do nothing till there is massive bloodshed, and perhaps not even then. The good thing is that one of two results can come from this – the fall of the regime, at the hands of the Iranian people themselves, or the ripping off of the regimes mask.

  • Justayid, I don’t live too far from two of America’s largest airbases in Europe, and the past few days, their fighterjets have been flying more around here than usually. This happened before both Gulf Wars and when the US almost declared war on Iran about 2.5 years ago IIRC (I’ve got friends in the military that were expecting deployment for that matter). As it seems, the USAF is preparing for a military operation.

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