While Christians are left celebrating Christmas, us Jews are left … eating Chinese food. What else is a Jew to do on a day when the country shuts down? Go see a movie, and scarf down some delicious & healthy MSG.

In honor of our relatively new found tradition, I’ve compiled a list of as many Kosher Chinese Restaurants around the world as I could find.

Kosher Chinese Restaurants · 洁净中国餐馆 · מסעדות סיניות כשרות

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  • Found ourselves in the UWS on the 24th, looking for kosher Chinese food. With Eden Wok gone, that left only Estihana, which had a line out the door (and I guess Gan Asia, which is take-out and 20 blocks further out of the way…). What’s up with the dearth of Chinese restaurants in Manhattan (and they’re all “pan-Asian”- everyone serves sushi…)?

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