Where is Benji?

hummusLast Friday, 50 chefs from the Arab Israeli village of Abu Gosh got together to smash the hummus record recently set by the Lebanese. Using a 20 foot satellite dish, they made a plate of hummus weighing 8992.5 pounds, more than doubling the previous record set in October. The Guiness Book of World Records adjudicator Jack Brookbank noted that

“It’s really very good … I was a little worried they might sacrifice quality for quantity, but that was not the case.” He acknowledged that Lebanese hummus “is very good” but boasted that “Abu Gosh is the hummus capital of the world.”

Kudos to Jawadat Ibrahim, owner of the Abu Gosh restaurant who organized this thing. Now this is the kind of conflict I think we can all enjoy. Apparently the Lebanese are already planning their retaliation. To that I say “Bring it!” No, I mean that literally. Bring me your Lebanese hummus. It’s 8:30 am and I’m hungry!

Benji supposedly had tickets to the event and I would have linked to his story, but he either didn’t go (!!!) or is sitting at home still in a hummus induced stupor.

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  • ARGH! Ok, I might suck. Was literally up all night watching the Texas-Alabama game at Mike’s Place in TA and didn’t have the koach to find my way to Abu Ghosh on public transportation. I definitely suck. I am now openly rooting for Lebanon to break the record so we can take it back. I suck. I did however have my 2nd chumus eating of the day at 2 AM last night, does that count?

    Let’s go, Mr. Jewlicious-you, me, and Fun Joel at Ta’ami today. Whaddya say?

  • What time? Tomorrow might be better for me.

    And I’m curious what they DID with all of that Chummus afterwards. How many people does it take to eat almost 9000 pounds of chummus? And how long does it take when everyone has to dip in with pitas? How many pitas appropriately should accompany that much chummus?

    These are the things that keep me up at night (or would if I had read this story last night, instead of on the front page of this morning’s JPost).

  • huge fan of abu ghosh’s hummus. i was always a bigger purveyor of pinat’si, but most of my cab drivers disagreed.

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