tefillin device deemed safe

tefillin device deemed safe

Sadly, the pilot and flight crew on a U.S. Airways Express flight on January 20, 2010 from New York City to Louisville Kentucky were not aware of tefillin, the leather phylacteries that are worn by some Jewish men and women during their morning prayers. When Caleb Leibowitz, 17, wrapped himself with tefillin, crew members became concerned, and it was decided to divert the flight to Philadelphia so that the student could be questioned in greater depth. The Philadelphia police mentioned that these “olfactories” posed no cause for concern, and that these devices, which were connected together were safe. Some chalk this up to a lack of knowledge among some people of Jewish religious practices. I, on the other hand, believe that the jet’s pilot was a student of the Zohar, and knew that the Torah that was contained inside the tefillin was “black fire on white fire,” and therefore the jet needed to be grounded, spiritually, before continuing on to the Blue Grass state. Plus, wasn’t “Caleb” a “spy?” Kudos to the pilot for quick thinking.

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  • I just want to say that Caleb is a huge mench and a better representative could not have been picked from our Jewish nation to make the kiddush Hashem that he did. As his wrestling coach I can say that Caleb’s character is impeccable, and his passion for Torah and personal growth almost unparalleled. I’m certain he handled himself with dignity and gave utmost respect to all the authorities and others throughout this process. I’m proud of him.

  • I personally think this was wise of the aircraft crew. Not everyone can be knowledgeable about everything in every religion. If they didn’t understand what tefillin was, they made the right decision in taking no risks until they knew. Because if they didn’t, people could start using religion as a reason to do anything on plane, whether safe like tefillin, or more dangerous, like carrying a sikh kirpan.

  • Imagine if you get in the bathroom with tefillin – not only is it a bomb, it could also be a device to tie your arm for heroin usage. Oy!

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