Sorry, Butler fans.

Also, we had mentioned previously that Duke guard, Jon Scheyer is Jewish. That is not the reason we are rooting for his team on Monday’s national championship game, since there are other Jewish players at premier college basketball programs, but it helps. It especially helps write a story about Duke, since it’s historically been a Methodist school. Frankly, I have no idea what Methodists are, compared to, say, Presbyterians or Anglicans, but we can agree that is not and having Scheyer on Duke’s team helps me find an excuse to write about them.

Jon Scheyer

Jon Scheyer

Scheyer has been playing really well in the NCAA tournament. It turns out that he’s from Illinois and when he played high school ball, he was, of course, an excellent player, but more than that, he led his team to the state championship which they won. The starting five and the sixth man off the bench were all Jewish.

As far as people who care about these things know, this may have been the first Jewish team to win a state championship since the 1930s and ’40s.

You can see Scheyer’s stats and outstanding history on his Wikipedia page, which looks like it was compiled by a really enthusiastic publicist or his mom.

See? Now you want to root for Duke.

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