What do Jews and Incans have in common? Mystical routes beneath the snowy peaks of the Andes. Lush jungles draped with orchids and ferns. Meditation, yoga and Kabbalistic teachings as you tread along the ancient Incan path to Machu Picchu. Mark Naseck, a Jewru friend of mine, is an internationally renowned teacher and healer who has studied in Tsfat–the birthplace of Kabbalah. And he’s heading to south of the equator in October to lead a small group of 20 seekers on spiritual trek that combines Jewish mystical teachings, yoga, chi-gong and other paths of healing and self-discovery.

You might think this is just a tripped out magen david. Or you might think it’s a time machine. Truth is, it’s both. Kind of.

It’s Marks logo. And this trip sounds so cool, I’m thinking of going myself.

As a free gift to everyone who books in July, Mark is offering his Kabbalistic Healing Tele-Seminar (a $485 value) on July 31st. Book your Peru trek by the end of the month and get a head start on your inner journey!

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