I mean really, any simpleton can figure that out. You’d have to be either extremely paranoid, or extremely manipulative, or I don’t know what, to think that OWS is riddled with anti-Semitism. I mean, you’d have to have a turtle brain to think that a few visibly disturbed individuals, who have no authority within the movement, represent said movement. As for OWS being anti-Israel, that too is beyond the scope of the broadly based economic movement, regardless of how much the usual suspects (Mondoweiss, Silverstein, Electronic Intifada et. al.) want to nudge it in that direction. Food for thought now that the occupiers won a victory in court allowing them to camp out at Zucotti Park. Hopefully, we can now continue the discussion without wasting time on nonsense. But just in case you forget, check out Eli Valley‘s latest cartoon in the Forward, featuring Stuart the Jewish Snapping Turtle as he occupies Wall Street. Once again, I colorized one of Valley’s characters by way of illustration. I actually sampled colors from a Snapping Turtle too, though no colors from a Jew.

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