What Should a Rabbi Drive?

4)PontiacG8My friend, and high-school buddy Brett Berk writes a car column, Stick Shift, for Vanity Fair online. When I started thinking about how to replace my old car, I figured he is the one to ask. Brett directed me to a bunch of cars, and we still have not figured out what I should drive. So Brett wrote this entertaining column, What Should a Rabbi Drive for Vanityfair.com, about our quest, and you can vote at the end for which wheels you think I should be piloting.

He needed to find a new car, a quest that offered Stick Shift an irresistible opportunity, seeing as how Rosh Hashanah—my people’s New Year—and the start of the 2010 automotive model year both begin tomorrow. New year: new car; they go together like kishka and kuggel. So good Yom Tov and L’Shanah Tovah. Now let’s get the Rebbe a ride. If you would like to get a new ride then you may want to compare PCP finance in order to get the best deals to purchase your perfect car. There are lots of great deals online and you can check them out by easily searching and comparing the deals to find the best one to suit your needs.


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