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Passover is more Jewish than Baseball is American. Its part of the code of Jewdome, written into Jewstory, praised in songs of Jewbilation, a foundation of Jewish beleif, action, and cuisine, leading up to the final Jewdemption of the world.

Ridding the our homes of chometz, the War on Chometz, is not a war on shmutz. This “Shabbat Ha-Gadol Podcast (recorded on a Monday night)” erases some widely held chometz-superstition, and quickly reviews the complete kosherification of your home, and soul. Just in time for Passover.

This is a thirty-minute crash course in preparing for Passover PLUS deep Kabbalistic insights that the Kabob Center would DIE to get their hands on 🙂 Listen to it here, or download it for later.

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Cheaper faster better Passover 2006

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