As Hannah Arendt points out in her book Eichman in Jerusalem, the Dutch loved the SS. As a matter of fact, 20,000 Dutch joined the SS to help the Germans in their racist genocide.

Ali was involved in making the film Submission with Theo Van Gough, who was assassinated by a Muslim in Holland.

But her Dutch hosts have soured of being home to the most outspoken critic of Islam in Europe.

As written in Slate : Dutch courts have already required her to vacate her home as a result of her neighbors’ petition to have her evicted, and she was on the verge of resigning her seat in the Dutch parliament and of requesting the right of residence in the United States.

Meanwhile, there are some strong Jews speaking out…

Ruben Vis, a member of the Netherlands’ Jewish umbrella body, CJO, said the affair was an example of “Holland at its smallest.”

He told The Associated Press:” “Here is a woman, who fought for the emancipation of Muslims in Western societies. Is that not Dutch enough? She has all the Dutch identity you can think of. I don´t think she deserves this.

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