Saudi Arabi got an old fashioned Cossack-whopping 4-0 loss to Ukraine. 🙂

World Refugee Day has Angelie Jolie in Africa with CNN promoting the plight of the most destitute refugees in the world, who don’t receive tens of thousands in Western aid per family, but nothing, because their countires don’t supply the world with gas. 🙂

Send a letter about Darfur. 🙂

The Tigers continue to tear up baseball diamonds everywhere. 🙂

Avowed leftists of Gen-Y have discovered the painful reality left-wing anti-Semitism. 🙂

HRW has reversed its decision and said that they were wrong about the Gaza Beach Tragedy. 🙂

Israel voted to save the whales. 🙂

Bush created the largest Nature reserve in the world.

Of course Missles still fall by the hour on southern Israel, North Korea feeling left out of the spotlight have gone missle happy, Israeli children continue to live in poverty, great American forests are still being clear-cut, Iran’s getting the bomb, and Japan got the pathetic whaling commission to say that whales don’t need protection. …. But as the song goes: You’ve got to eliminate the negative, and latch on to the affirmative!

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