Congratulations go out to ROI120 alum Matt Lebow and my favorite person in Israel John Leonard on their getting a positive write up on Ynet News for their blog MidEast Piece.

In their mission statement on the site, Leonard and Lebow state: “Soldiers are hot. They should not be killed in war. They should be trained – strenuously – and put on display for all to lust after. That’s Mideast Piece.” … The next item reads: “Gay men and their supporters face similar challenges all over the world. Mideast Piece is where a shared dialog can provide solutions, mutual support, and hope to gay men of the region – plus tips on where to get a great body wax.” … “We’re engaging gay Jews and Arabs in open dialogue about their lives and the similar struggles they face. There is no other blog doing this work, and certainly few gay blogs of any nature with the kind of diverse, frequently updated content we offer.”

One of our fave hasbarah talking points revolves around how Israel is a free and open minded society and MidEast Piece demonstrates that, with both wit and style to spare. The underlying message is a celebration of that rare freedom that is nearly impossible to find anywhere else in the region. In that respect, MidEast Piece aspires to a peaceful coexistence between Arabs and Jews, a message that is instructive to everyone, regardless of race, sex, creed or sexual orientation. Yasher Koach boys. Keep it up!

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