1005GeraldoRivera.jpgGeraldo, in making a point about the immigration issues, uses some Nazi imagery to get his point across on O’Reilly. Even though he is Jewish (Son of Cruz Allen Rivera and Lillian Friedman), why does he reach for this metaphor?

GERALDO RIVERA: I think it’s outrageous, and what she said was outrageous. You know, I have two Hispanic-American sons. You know what this is going to result in? This is going to result in racial profiling. If, in her America, in Michelle’s America, when you look, is that Hispanic guy an illegal or is he legal? It reminds me so much of when they used to pull down the pants of Jews to see if they were circumcised or not. It is, it is so, so pathetic. It’s so un-American.

Not to mention that the man has four ex’s and five kids. What about the other kids Gerald?

According to Wiki and NNDB , Geraldo has a lot more than just two boys—but I guess he is on the whole pull down the pants thing.
* Erica Levy (10 August 2003— ) one child, a daughter born in August 2005
* C.C. Dyer (11 July 1987 – 2000) (divorced)
Son: Cruz (b. 1987)
Daughter: Isabella Holmes (b. 7-Nov-1992)
Daughter: Simone Cruickshank (b. Sep-1994)
* Sherryl Raymond (31 December 1976 – 1984) (divorced) one son Gabriel Miguel
* Edith Vonnegut (14 December 1971 – 1975) (divorced)
* Linda Coblentz (1965 – 1969) (divorced)

RIVERA: People have been pulling down the pants of Jews since Hammurabi. The Spanish expulsion, the French expulsion, the British expulsion, the Arab countries expelling the Jews. It is not about Nazism.

Right…Since Hammurabi!@?#

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  • I don’t get the problem with the metaphor. That the scales are off? That he should have included our larger history of pantsing? What’s wrong with saying that some form of mistreatment happens to remind you of another?

  • How is that nazi imagery? That still goes on in the Hungarian army as friends of mine have told me.

  • What exactly was the purpose of listing his divorce history? I’m not entirely sure how using his failed relationships as an unnecessary potshot has anything to do with your criticism of his analogy.

  • When asked why he chose to get married in a synagogue for his 87th (or most recent, which ever one came first) marriage, he replied that ‘the Jewish people need me now’. Ha! How thoughtful. Seriously, I can’t stand him or the way he talks just to hear the sound of his own voice.

  • I personally hate the way he dared to expose the horrible treatment of people with developmental disabilities in the early 70’s, leading to a federal inquiry and ultimately helping to get IDEA into motion.

    That bastard.

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