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Last night I was a guest on a very controversial talk show here called The John Ziegler Show and wanted to share with everyone a link to the podcast. While I must say that I had little notice of the interview or experience on talk radio, I am very happy with the outcome. He let me get a few points across, and that is all I hoped for.

John ZEigler

After reading recent coverage of Chancellor Drake’s meeting with the Jewish community in The LA Times , they asked if I would agree to be interviewed about the issues.

At the end of the interview I made sure to give John a brocho, because he has admitted to becoming a lapsed Catholic, even an athiest. He had a great line, “Wow, I was just blessed by a Rabbi. That doesn’t happen every day on The John Ziegler show…”

Today I am speaking on The John and Ken Show at 4pm also on KFI AM 640. I am not sure what will transpire, but I am guessing it will be interesting and a chance to raise awareness of the issues.

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  • Well done Rabbi… say, what’s the talk around there about the arrest in Iran of Ali Shakeri?

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