Politically Incorrect with David Kelsey
Over at the Kvetcher, our buddy David Kelsey put together a list of questions he would have liked to ask Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had he had the opportunity to do so. I share these with you because, well, because David makes me laugh:

1) According to what you have heard in your circles, what are some of the better Persian restaurants in the city?
2) Is Jewish-Persian food the same as regular Persian food? Because I didn’t like Jewish Persian food all that much when I had it.
3) I find Persian women very attractive, but have heard they are often hairy. Is this true, or is it a Moroccan slander?
4) I have met Zoroastrians, and they seemed tolerant and quite interesting. Much more so than the run-of-the-mill monotheist (yawn). Do you ever think maybe you guys made a mistake becoming a Muslim nation? Why did you feel you needed to become more like the Arabs? Do you ever have buyer’s remorse?
5) What words of encouragement do you have for New York’s intactivist community?

No comment, at least from me…

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