Whoever said we may not have fun despite stores being closed and all the snowstorms? Here are a few suggestions on things you can do while stuck and bored at home:

  1. Learn Shakespeare quotations by heart for use in later work conversations and figure out what co-workers will be on the receiving end of the Bard’s wisdom.

  2. Calculate what weekday your birthday would have been five hundred years ago.

  3. Plan a trip to Britain as long as it’s not part of the Euro Zone yet.

  4. Figure out your next Lego project.

  5. Do online potty training.

  6. Learn to talk like a ninja.

  7. Take a general knowledge quiz.

  8. Build your own Brooklyn Bridge.

  9. Dress virtual celebrity paper dolls.

  10. If all of the above fail, go by my great-grandmother’s advice, “Take off your shoes and socks and play with your big toes.”

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