It’s kind of a Jewish thing isn’t it? Assessing national and international events through a mosaic prism wherein the most important consideration is “Nu? Is it good for the Jews?” Now that the Caucuses are well under way, it might be a good time to poll you, our Jewlicious audience, and see who amongst the Democrat and Republican candidates vying for the highest office in the land that contains the largest Jewish population in the diaspora, is the most uh… Jewlicious. Much ink has been spilled and many pixels have been slaughtered as pundits have weighed in on the various candidates’ abilities and weaknesses. Me? All I care about is what you think. So we’ll cut to the chase… tell me! And do make sure to leave a comment or two.

The Democrats The Republicans

The Jews traditionally vote overwhelmingly for the Democrats in Presidential elections, although that support has been dwindling over the years (albeit slightly). Jews seem to like the Democrats social welfare policies and generally kinder and gentler outlook with respect to national domestic issues. We are a community descended from immigrants after all!


With all that neocon blather going around it seems that while we don’t vote in overwhelming numbers for the Republicans, we sure as heck control party! Many Jews typically like the Republicans’ strong support of the State of Israel and strong stance against terrorism both domestically and abroad. Of course the whole Iraq thing throws everything for a loop, but didn’t we orchestrate that too?

Now vote! You can only vote once per party as we’ve tracked your IP address and have placed a cookie on your computer. Of course you could delete all your cookies and change your IP address, or go to another computer, but that would make you a dick. Or an employee of an automated polling device company (doh!). These polls will expire on January 20th.

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • I saw on the Iowa caucus coverage that Obama supporters gave away free chocolates to indecisive voters. Dear Barack Obama, I may not be a US citizen, but my indecisiveness equals to one kilo (not two lbs – that’s less) of chocolates by Moeder Babelutte. 🙂 In the meantime, you may want to consider this.

  • Rabbi – you really think so? As much as he’s taunting the press, I’m wondering if an acting NYC mayor – in essence the leader of small and complicated country – could take time off from that to run for President as an Independent. I’m sure he’s biding his time until Giuliani bows out, but if I were advising him I’d tell him it’s political suicide. He’ll lose the election and the mayorship. Just my humble opinion.

  • Lack of Jewish support is costing Duncan Hunter the Republican nomination.

  • (Hey, ramon– Many thanks for Randy, Papi and KG!…. Can we have Johan, too?)

  • Randy, Papi, KG, Maroney, Kessel – and now Johan? You greedy… I suppose you want Prince and Dylan too.

    No. You can’t just have Johan. KG was the last straw. (I will say that Jefferson kid really is fun to watch develop.) No more free lobsters. We want your first and second born along with some prospects. And even then Johan’s gonna cost you 140 mil or more – how much do you guys pay for tix out there? And for a guy who plays every four games and has started to tip his pitches? I mean, if Steinbrenner won’t pony up why should Epstein?

    No, you can’t just have him, you smug, chowder-swilling, trophy-hogging sob… 🙂

  • Abuse fit for a Yankee fan! ….

    Big Al’s the real deal. And Johan’s probably headed to New York. But if you’ll take a boatload of grade B prospects we don’t want– let’s make a deal!

  • Actually, all we want is to continue the joy of playing the Sox and Yankees off against each other for as long as possible.

    Here’s another reason not to make the deal – a decent chunk of your 140 mil investment goes to Hugo Chavez.