Kosha Dillz with a shout out for Jewlicious

Kosha Dillz is an upcoming Israeli American hip hop artist that has put the Zionist swagger back in being Jewish. A flashy pinky ring style and gold-star dress code using crowd moving beats and profound lyrics in Hebrew, English and Spanish this unorthodox boom bap-ist’s knowledge of emceeing brings the pride back that you might have once lost.

Kosha will be performing March 1st on the Main Festival Stage, as a guest with Y-Love and Erez aka d.j. handler, and also on Sunday, March 2, on the Acoustic Stage.

Tickets for Jewlicious Festival are still $36 for students ($60 for working stiffs) until the end of this month. Then you’ll have to pay a whole lot more.

In addition to all the support we get from generous families, partners, co-sponsors, and the sale of cool shmatas, Jewlicious Festival is not a money making endeavor. Like other Jewish events that are powered by volunteers, the Festival is always just squeaking by. In the absence of a Jewish-Mega Donor – we are asking friendly folks to make a tax-deductible contribution of any amount to help sponsor this amazing weekend. Thank you in advance!

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