So, MOT Mark Ronson has won a Brit Award in the category British Male Solo Artist. Being the Yid-huggers that we are, I dare say we are collectively mighty proud of him. Really now. Mr Ronson, you’re now officially extra Jewlicious. (ck, when you’re less busy, can you design some kind of medal? Otherwise I’ll use my MS Paint skills, and you know what those are like. 🙂 ) Not that we hadn’t been mighty proud of you before, but see, I’m European and grew up on Brit Pop and I’m well aware how important the Brit Awards are. That’s musical dubbing, ambiguity intended. Oh, and rumour has it you’re single. Alas, I’m not. But don’t you worry, stand tall, smile nicely, and you’ll be fine – even without a PhD or a MD. Oh, and next time I’m in NYC, please consider letting me help you pick a tie for your next award outfit. Nah, I’m not krechtsing. You looked alright. 🙂
Anyhow, mazel tov, Mr Ronson! And indeed, I’d fancy a call as I love your accent.

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