Just got back from Heeb Storytelling. Just as most of these sorts of things go, there was some really good stuff and there there was some stuff that made me feel like Alvy Singer in Annie Hall, where he is holding that smile to the comedian thinking his face would freeze up if he had to force it any longer. Then there we great moments like when Adam Mansbach took the stage. I was amazed at his control of the mic and audience. He is an articulate witty intellectual with a south central way of speaking fused with a Boston accent. The hip hop def shines through. He tells a story of how before he was a writer, he was a butcher and he heard the voice of God. God told him to pack up all his things and take all his money and move to Las Vegas to play black jack. Right off the bat he got 18 all in and felt alright. Just then God tells him to hit. He hesitently does and gets an ace. So he is feeling good with his 19 and he has doubled his money. About to head out he hears Gods commanding voice again telling him to hit. He gets nervous and sweaty but he follows His command and hits. Another ace!! He has 20 and feels good. Ready to jet with all his freaking money. All the sudden he can’t believe it but God commands him yet again to hit!!! He follows Gods orders once again even though he knows its the crazyiest and possibly stupidest thing he could do and BAM 21! The place goes nutz, he takes his money and hears God say, “UN-FUKIN-BELIEVABLE!!”

– Adam Mansbach

– Y-Love

– Adam Baruchowitz

Here is the introduction for Y-Love. see the funnnesss…

For the Y-Love story click here for part 1. and here for part 2.

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