Singer Song Writer Barry Pollisar, writer songs for the smash hit movie Juno has contacted us about his Hagaddah. He is making the Haggadah available for free to anyone who wants to preview it first–or simply print and use it at their seder.

Please let anyone you think might be interested know that it is available for free on my web site at this link:

My Haggadah is called Telling The Story: A Passover Haggadah Explained. It is illustrated by my daughter, now a college student, and tells the Passover story in a straight-forward and easy to understand manner. It is available nationwide at and and my book distributor, Independent Publisher Group offers bulk discounts for multiple copies. But it is free if you go to his site.
(1-800-888-4741) .

The link for the free printable pdf edition is on the left column.


Barry Louis Polisar

The Haggadah is not traditional, but sticks to the order of the Seder. The illustrations are really pretty.

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