The media’s portrayal of Israel got you down? Don’t believe that a doc can be shot on no budget? Lies! All lies I tell you!

After three years of relentless touring on the college circuit, documentary filmmaker Maital Guttman is releasing her Mechina beast for your private viewing pleasure. And starts it off with a ‘licious party at Cinespace in Hollywood!

Mechina: A Preparation is an hour-long film that focuses on six Israeli teens who defer the IDF for a year-long program in social service. Maital, who in many instances contrasts her own story of college at Duke U, gives us a close-up expose the struggles faced by Israelis about to perform their military duty for the State. There are no easy answers for these kids – mature, intelligent teens – but instead the persistent grappling of morality, youth, innocence, killing, defense and the desire for peace.

June 19th @ Cinespace (Hollywood and Vine)
Doors open at 7. Screening at 8 followed by a Q&A.
$10 door / $5 with an RSVP to [email protected]
Buy the DVD at

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