And by ROI I mean the Harley Davidson Riders Of Israel (see prior post on the subject). That’s right folks! This Tuesday night come and party in Jerusalem with a bunch of innovative motorcycle gang members at Hataklit (7 Heleni Hamalka – up the street from cafe Hillel and Coffee Bean – down the street from Kikar Tzion and across from Crack square). Diwon aka DJ Handler from Shemspeed, in town for the ROI Summit, will be manning the decks and a few special guest mystery rappers will be in attendance as well. I think Diwon will be bringing along a few folks from the Summit as well, so if you want to meet innovators, be they Harley enthusiasts, Jews or both, this will be the place to be! The party is sponsored by as well as, Shemspeed, and Oleh!Records. Be there or be square. Tell all your friends in Jerusalem. Admission is free and the booty rockin’ beats start at 9 pm till…

UPDATE!! Holy cow. This just in… the guest rappers? None other than JDub Records’ very own pride of Jerusalem SAGOL59 and French rap sensation Shmoo (Les enfants d’Israel).

Read all about at the Jerusalem Post

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