40-poster-2.gifShemspeed is about to bring you the biggest Jewish Music College Campus tour in history! “The 40 Days/ 40 Nights Tour” it’s coming to you, so get on board. What it be? An exciting tour flooded with entertainment and education, the NIGHTS will be packed with unforgettable performances from the cutting edge of Jewish musicians while the DAYS will be filled with sessions and workshops led by the musicians themselves on songwriting, music marketing, and spirituality on the road. Students will be connected through a College-wide Battle Of The Bands in which each school’s winning band will perform as the opener for the 40 Tour as it comes around. Shemspeed will be presenting performers who have much to contribute to the development of Jewish American identity through their talents and embodiment of Jewish values. 40 Days/ 40 Nights will reach over 8,000 college students directly in its first year, and thousands more through CD hand-outs and media exposure. Stopping at about 30 colleges, the 40 Tour will join with Hillels, Chabads and sponsors to promote each show to its maximum capacity. To sponsor the tour, bring the tour to your campus or to get involved in any way, email [email protected] * bands and sponsors will be announced soon, keep up to date on www.shemspeed.com. It all goes down in November and February!

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Founded by Erez Safar, Shemspeed is an independent recording label & promotional agency devoted to producing and developing dynamic multi-cultural artists and interactive media.