As I consider it somewhat possible that the one or the other member of NK wouldn’t mind “eating” Ahmadinedjad if you know what I mean…

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French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner said on Sunday he was misquoted by Israel’s Haaretz newspaper which reported him as saying Israel would “eat” Iran before Tehran developed a nuclear bomb.

“During the interview in English with journalists from Haaretz, (I) used the word “hit” and not “eat” about a possible Israeli response with regard to Iran,” the visiting minister said in a statement.

Kouchner however said he did “indeed evoke the possibility of Israeli strikes to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon”.

A spokeswoman for Haaretz would not immediately comment on the incident.

In its print edition, the Haaretz quoted Kouchner as saying in English: “I honestly don’t believe (a nuclear weapon) will give any immunity to Iran. First, because you will eat them before. And this is the danger.”

The statement from Kouchner, who is on a two-day visit to Israel and the Palestinian territories, said he regretted any “phonetic confusion”.

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