Clearly Daniel and Paul didn’t have a columnist they felt they could write to about their ethical quandaries. Fortunately for the Jewish world—I say the Jewish world rather than just “Jewish foodies” because to me, it is quite apparent that “our tradition call[s] upon us to be more involved in our eating” (as Rabbi Shalom Kantor says)—The Jew & The Carrot blog presents “The Shmethicist.”

The Shmethicist is a cross between Dear Abby and The New York Times’ Ethicist column – except it’s all about food, and delivered with a hint of “Jewish grandma” shtick. As in: “Look at you! You’re wasting away you’re so thin! Why don’t you come eat more of my chicken soup, and I’ll tell you what you should do with your life.”

Do you have a burning ethical food question – like, “Should I buy fair trade or locally-grown?”, “Can I withhold sugar cereals from my kids, while harboring a secret candy bar stash? or “What should I make for dinner?” Send your questions to The Shmethicist at [email protected].


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