Last night’s Shemspeed Anniversary Party, I have to say, was the most fun I have ever had at a show. So thank you all for making that vibe so incredible. It felt like a house party! Chabad boys break dancing and crowd surfing. A skunk dressed man doing the cabbage patch…70% of the crowd dacing all night to all 8 bands and the mix of Yiddish Ska-Reggae, Yemenite Hip Hop and the return of rock n’ roll made for an onslaught of goodness. The line up of bands was also something that almost never happens. DeScribe, who joined Y-Love and Diwon on stage to debut their song “Change” which comes out early next year, really lit the place on fire. The only other time I saw Jews get that riled up at a show was when we threw Matisyahu and Y-Love on stage at our show with Idan Raichel(scroll down to click to the video). I can’t even go into how great the performances of each band were, cuz it was just spot on, so check the band section above to listen to music, or click the myspaces by clicking the bands names below…..

Electro Morocco, Piamenta, King Django’s Roots & Culture, Diwon feat. Smadar, Y-Love, DeScribe, Avi Fox-Rosen, Aaron Ein, Blanket Statementstein, Blue Fringe

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thanks to Yossi for them photos Yossi Belkin

The Jew Spot site was there and wrote, “If The Jew Spot had to pick a crazier Jewish concert, I’m not sure we could. Between the dancing skunk, the Christmas songs, and the soul train line of Yeshiva boys, this was by far a true mix of the tribe.”

next up – Sephardic Music Festival!

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