Spread some Jewlicious light on the Fifth Night

Happy Chanukah from the Jewlicious Festival HQ. We want to wish you and your family a delicious, joyous and illuminating Festival of Light.

Jewlicious is powered by grassroots activity – and this year we are asking you for a small favor.

On the fifth day of Chanukah – starting Thursday night, Dec. 25 – do something Jewlicious!

Create a new latka, compose a new Chanukah song, write a new blog, make a funny video, invite a friend to the Festival, start a new campaign, donate some gelt to keep the Festival going, or really anything else Jewlicious you can think of.

On the Fifth day of Chanukah – help Jewlicious spread some light around the world! Then tell us about it , post in on JewTube, Facebook, twitter…

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