Join Major League Dreidel on Sunday December 21st at Fontana’s located at the edge of Chinatown on the Lower East Side at 105 Eldridge Street between Broome and Grand for the 2008 MLD Tournament. Pit you dreidel spinning skills against a room of drunken Jew hipsters and hipster wannabes as they vie for the coveted crystal dreidel trophy and a shot at Hanukkah immortality unseen since the days the Maccabees whupped Hellenist ass.

The Major League Dreidel Web site is chock full of Dreidel history and contains the rules of MLD. Rather than focus on the games Germanic gambling origins, MLD is, like the Jewish people, all about longevity. Add some heavy metal to the mix thanks to the Gods of Fire and you got some serious party action going on. The God’s of Fire will be playing a selection of traditional Hanukkah tunes, metal style, including an original composition called Spin for the Blood of our Elders. And on top of everything else, the whole drunken, sweaty, metal and Dreidel fest will be filmed by the History Channel for its show “Surviving the Holidays” hosted by Lewis Black. The cover is $10 and includes a golden dreidel, and a bag of chocolate gelt. All the proceeds will be donated to the Survivor Mitzvah Project.

Sign up now at as spots are filling fast! And yeah, that’s last year’s winner pictured above rockin’ American Apparel’s 5398 California Fleece Pullover Raglan Hoody Dress – something about comfy, sweat shop free cotton just loosens your fingers I guess…

Hat tip to Harry who vouches for the heavy metal band….

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