As we keep you updated with all things Moshiach Oi, We would like to let you know that ‘Torah Hardcore’ is catching on, just this past Chanukah Jdub posted a free download of a track they found and and call ‘Kosher-core’. 2009 will indeed be all about JewCore. They posted the traditional “Maoz Tzur” aka “Rock of Ages” by The Schleps.
download – The Schleps – Maoz Tzur.

The king of Torah Core is pumping out weird videos of his band in their basement on youtube, check em here.
” I Want to Learn Torah”
“Better Get Ready (for Moshiach)”

Look out for the Moshiach Oi album on the Shemspeed boutique label, late spring time. We will also have a free download of his “Lashon Hara” track very soon, for now check it on the myspace

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