Not since I was in Bat Ayin have I felt so on fire for Hashem! Shemspeed threw their Massive family style party/Show bringing Shemspeed artists from Israel, London, Olympia and NY, including Shem Fav, Matisyahu.

(photos by Daniel Sieradski of
more photos at

p.s. a video of Aharit Hayamim and Matisyahu jammin at last night’s Shemspeed Massive will be posted at the Shemspeed Daily shortly.
p.p.s. big up s to Aharit for coming from Israel. Anomally MC from London, and the Brooklyn Shemspeed artists; DeScribe, Eprhyme, Benyamin Brody, Y-Love, Diwon and of course much respect to Matis.

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