The US isn’t going, neither is Italy. Israel and Canada declined a longer while ago already, and the Netherlands and Australia have just followed suit. Great Britain’s hopeful for the goodie bags, but considers leaving if the contents aren’t any good. Germany’s foreign secretary is checking back with his EU colleagues via phone tonight; Poland already shares there might not be a uniform approach by all EU members.

At least the American Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists has sorted itself out in time and has organized a Durban II “Counter Conference”, which is taking place in Manhattan from tomorrow until Friday. Click here for the programme.

Oh, and in contrast to what the headline might suggest, do not troll the conference for prospective spouses. That would just be pathetic and embarrassing, particularly since the American Jewish Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists does not (yet) know I’m blogging this and accordingly cannot in time equip itself with “No M’am”-shirts.

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